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Sea transport

  Sea freight – Containerized loads                                                                                  Sea freight –  Conventional loads  

    GML offers complete transportation to any destination for both export and import of goods, depending on individual requests coming from our clients.

    Whether the expedition is made as FCL or LCL shipment, we have the solutions needed to deliver goods in any way:  “door-to-door” , “port-to-port” or  “door-to-port”.

    We organize sea freights using best shipping lines which have own weekly shipments from / to all world ports.

    With our network of agents throughout the Asian region, where most containers traffic comes to import, we can collect your goods from any of those regions and then we loaded into containers to be shipped from the desired port to Romania.

    Through shipping lines operating Constanta port we have direct line services to/from Romania or with transshipment to major port hubs when service is not a direct line to/from our country.

    Even if destination port is from Europe, Asia, Far East, South America or North America, Africa or Indian subcontinent we will do our best to provide you best service and competitive rates.

    Your merchandise can be uploaded directly from your designated location or from your door to be brought into the port nearest port to your location in order to be containerized and shipped to Romania.

    Besides the containerized transport of general cargo using Standard containers 20’, 40’ or 45’, we deal successfully with oversized cargo shipment loaded on special containers type  as Flat Rack, Open Top or Platforms, as well as transportation of frozen goods with refrigerated containers, Reefer type.

    We will give our full attention to provide economic transportation solutions and competitive rates for import or export of containerized cargo from / to anywhere in the world.

    The promptness and efficiency in providing updated information on the position of your goods throughout the transport stream (from the time of picking the goods and loading into container until delivery at destination), we want to maintain high standards of quality services to our clients.

    Based  on collaboration with main chartering and brokerage agencies working in shipping field, we ensure delivery of your cargo by conventional maritime way mediating fixture of all kind of vessels: general cargo ship, bulk carrier, project cargo or tanker.

     Also we provide self-propelled barges and barges for shipments of goods to destination ports on the Danube - Black Sea channel  from Constanta up to Belgrade.

     As far as the Danube channel connections allow access to certain sea ports, transportation routes will be provided as per appropriate requirements of our customers.

     By using river containerized transport can be served through direct service line, ports of Giurgiu and Turnu Severin, as well as Ruse and other Danube ports on the way to Belgrade, after the express request of our customers.

    Whatever type of shipment might be (general cargo, bulk, liquid, oversized) we will offer you our knowledge in this field and will provide the best logistics solutions for any kind of forwarding: door-to-door, door-to-port or port-to-port.

In addition of logistic chain for a conventional shipping, please take note of some of the services offered by Green Marine Logistics:
• logistic assistance for oversized transports (including inland trucking to / from port)
• lashing of cargo loaded on board the vessel
• storage and warehousing of goods in port areas and outside
• stowage operations
• cargo handling inside port (including the hiring of special cranes for lifting out of gauge cargo/project cargo)`
• quantity and quality inspections by hiring specialized survey companies
• assistance for customs clearance of import / export / transit operations
• cargo agent/charterers representative
• ship agent

We will care that your goods reach their destination safely and with a transit time of the smallest and hope that through the offers with competitive prices and full services package offered to rise to the highest level of your needs.


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