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Rail transport


     Along with other ways to deliver the cargo, containerized transport by rail effectively complete portfolio of services offered by Green Marine Logistics. Despite the more extensive delivery, rail transport is the main advantage in reduced costs compared with road transport.

     Based on our collaboration with various carriers, we can organize rail  transport for a wide variety of goods (bulk, packages, equipments, oversized cargo, containers, oil products and chemicals) in the best safety conditions.

     Our company offers a wide range of services that come to help our clients interested in making rail transport of goods, namely:
• Competitive quotes by offering discounts on domestic and international traffic depending on the type of goods, the volume of traffic and transport relations in the movement of goods.
• National and international transport of goods in isolated wagons, groups of wagons and full trains  for import, export and transit freight using SNTFM CFR railway network on relations from Eastern and Western CIS countries, Middle East and Far East, and the ferry lines to / from Turkey and Georgia through the port of Constanta;
• Transhipment of goods in the  frontier state stations with Moldova and Ukraine;
• Direct port operation, wagon-ship or ship-wagon and indirectly from wagon-land-ship or ship-land-wagon
• Storing goods in port warehouses
• Preparing transport documents and customs formalities upon request;
• Tracking of shipments from loading station to destination;
• Transport of goods in large containers (20’ and 40’);

     Centralized payment of transportation charges and accessories as appropriate (by using this payment system, customers benefit from several advantages, namely: no payment is required at loading station or destination, allows more careful tracking of shipments, so shortening the journey).

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