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Air transport


    One of the safest and quickest way of transport, as efficient alternative to maritime transport, is the air cargo transport.

    Together with the agencies of most recognized airlines Green Marine Logistics organizes air transportation of goods both charter (directly) and a consolidation mode (multimodal). Through our network of correspondents from destination airports we provide door-to-door or airport-to-airport delivery worldwide.

    According to the specific goods that you wish to send by air (from perishable goods to dangerous goods, general goods and bulky goods or parcel) will seek the best solution for quick and safe shipment, and delivering them in a shortest transit time.

    This is done because we have connection with the most important air hubs in the world and using a wide range of services based on the line connections, which offer fixed flight schedules and air charters.

    Air service is part of the supply chain to deliver goods to the final recipient and therefore has associated logistics services which will be provided by our company: trucking to/from the airport, warehouses, customs clearance, cargo insurance, etc. .

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